Sunday, August 18, 2013

Getting ready to give birth? Here are some ideas for what to pack in your hospital bag!

Getting ready for the big day and wondering what to pack in your hospital bag?  Here are some items to consider.  Personally, I had them all.  Then again I also packed a hair dryer and a straightener.  Little did I know that I wouldn’t not only NOT use them at the hospital, but for WEEKS after I got home! 

  • Nursing bra – no point in wearing one of your ‘normal bras’ – you won’t be needing those for a while. 
  • Pads – Big ones, just saying
  • Outfit – something comfortable and stretchy – and somewhat photo worthy, there will be photos. 
  • Night gown/Pajamas  - You might be walking around the hospital and having guests, make sure you have something other than the hospital gown – with no back! 
  • Bobby pins – Maybe its just me, but bangs are very annoying when you can’t ‘do them’. 
  • Slippers – Hospital floors = gross.  Toss them when you leave. 
  • Socks – It could be cold and there’s nothing worse than cold feet. 
  • Phone Charger – You may feel like updating your profile(s) with your adorable pics a few hundred times
  • Moisturizer – Hospitals are dry – you’ll want it for your face and body. 
  • Mints – for you, and for your visitors who all want to hug and kiss you J
  • Hair brush – you’ll need it
  • Tuks – Available at the drug store.  Google them.  You never know – better save than sorry.. 
  • Towels – If you shower at the hospital, keep in mind the towels provided are pint sized. 
  • Underwear Grannies – like the bra, no point in wearing any of your faves.  For a while. 
  • Elastics – obviously
  • Flip flops – like the slippers, when/if you walk around you’ll want something easy.  You also may walk out of the delivery room to another room... you will want shoes, and you will not want to wear them afterwards. 
  • Wear home shoes – see above, you might not want to see those flip flops ever again. 
  • Toiletries - tooth brush, toothpaste, face wash, deodorant
  • Makeup – the basics, there will be pics. 
  • Nursing pads – For some these aren’t needed for a couple of days, but again, better safe than sorry. 
  • Lip balm – a must! 
  • Snacks and drinks – Pack your faves or send someone out to get them.  Hospital food – enough said. 
  • Magazines – Not like you’ll have a tonne of time, but in the event you have some quiet time, its a nice to have. 
  • Headband – again with the bangs. 
  • Health card and ID – You’ll need these to check in
  • Nipple cream – the ‘latch’ will be a term you will use daily, hourly – and depending on that ‘latch’, you may need nipple cream right away. 

Stuff for the Baby

  • Outfit – what will your pride and joy go home in?!  Keep in mind there are also professional photographers on site at some hospitals! (they do at BC Women's in Vancouver and we used them and it was GREAT!)
  • Car seat – The hospital will likely want to inspect your baby in the seat before you leave.  They won’t want any inserts or extra padding.  They will show you how to use blankets to provide all that. 
  • Sleepers – if you and your little one sleep over, he/she will need something to sleep in.  Keep in mind, the less buttons, the better.  I’d like to have a word with ho ever designed baby sleepers with 100 snaps. 
  • Blankets – swaddle blankets, receiving blankets and a special one to take home he/she home in (put over them in the car seat)
  • Diapers – you’ll be surprised at how many you go through.
  • Socks – if you’re take home outfit doesn’t have feet, make sure you have socks. 
  • Mitts – your little one will start touching his/her face immediately and he/she will scratch themselves. 
  • Hat – if it’s cold or sunny
  • Wipes

Extras your partner can bring

  • Change of clothes – for them.  You don’t know how long you’ll be there or what time it will all happen. 
  • Phone charger –for them – same as above. 
  • Chain of contacts – make a chain before hand so that he knows exactly who to call with the big news. 
  • Good camera and charger – you might want more pics other than cell phone pics. 
  • Champagne and flutes – maybe that was just me? :) 

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