Friday, August 9, 2013

Awesome outdoor pools in Vancouver for kids and families!

My fave, Kits pool!  One side is full of uber athletes doing laps of the monster length pool, but the other is full of kids and families alike.  The shallow wading area is great and has a little mini slide; you can bring your own pool toys and floaties and there’s lots of space (usually) to set up camp for the day.  Bring your lunch or buy fries and burgers etc from the concession stand upstairs.  Tipbuy a pass. You can get a flexipass that’s good for 1,3,4,6 and 12 months or a 10 visit pass.  If you don’t use them this year, you can use them next.  This way you bypass the line up that often stretches all the way up the stairs and around the corner.  With your pass, you simply walk right in – WAY better when you have anxious little ones with you!  AND the pass is good for Kits pool and the others below!!

Maple Grove Pool – 6875 Yew Street – a large heated wading pool is awesome for families.  With an adjacent playground there’s lots to keep them busy!  Bring a lunch or eat at the concession – there’s lots of room to picnic. 

The Aquatic Center at Hillcrest – Hillcrest is great because it has an indoor and an outdoor pool – great if the weather doesn’t cooperate, the whole adventure isn’t a bust!

Second Beach Pool – Unbelievable views and right in the middle of Stanley Park there are lots of things to do before and after a swim too.  Lots of kids mini slides and activities in the pool will keep them entertaining for sure!

Now, let’s just hope August spoils us like July did!!

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