Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Make your own Canada Day t-shirt - DIY craft for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers on Canada Day

Do you attend a party on Canada Day?  The mamas of momstown Edmonton have a great DIY Canada Day t-shirt idea that will keep your little one in Canadian style and create a handprint keepsake as well!

Make a Canada Day onesie!


- plain white tshirt or baby onesie (found at craft stores or discount stores)
- red fabric paint
- tiny hands and feet!

 Make a Canada Day t-shirt!


1.  Paint hands with red paint.  Painting baby's feet might be the easiest!

2.  Put a piece of cardboard side the shirt, between the front and the back so that paint doesn't transfer.

3.  Put the handprint in the centre of the shirt.

4.  Create the Canadian Flag by painting red rectangles on either side of the print.

5.  Let it dry, then wear it to your own Canada Day festivities or create your own July 1st party with these fun crafts and decorations for kids of all ages.

Thanks for the great photos, momstown Edmonton!


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