Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What to do when your toddler has pinkeye?

After dropping my son off at daycare, his provider promptly informed me that he had pink eye!
How did I not notice this?  I just assumed he scratched his eye and it was slightly irritated.  She noted the goop, tearing, and pinkish colour around his eye, and sure enough....she was right.

Because pink eye is so contagious, she typically would not have accepted him, but this particular day, he was the only child there.  After dropping him off, a ton of emotions came over me.  How did I not realize this? How can I just drop him off and leave him, when he's "sick"? What do I do now? I  felt like "failure mom" dropping my kid off to some much more competent and caring individual.

In the battle between work commitments and my family, its a no brainer who will always win.  I barely got to work before I found myself back in my car driving home.  I needed to get my son treatment if we wanted to clear this up asap.  I convinced myself that he needed ME, no one else. (Which, reality or not, is the best feeling in the world!)

After a quick stop at the pharmacy, the pharmacists confirmed that it was polysporin antibiotic eye drops for pink eye and other eye infections that we needed.  This can be bought over the counter without a prescription and can be used for all ages.

For a more natural remedy, nursing moms can use breastmilk to clear eye infections, including pink eye. This method is known to be much quicker to clear up the infection....and more cost effective!

Read more about pink eye here:

This post was written by momstown London chapter owner, Jennifer Jones.

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